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Enough For Me

April 22, 2012 3 comments

Here’s 2 minutes and 30 seconds of kick-ass …

Enough For Me

there are some things i’d take back
but most things that i’d give
and there are some days I could crack
but mostly i wanna live
and there are some songs i can’t sing
but no songs i cannot shout
there are lots of girls i think of
but it’s you can’t live without

whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh
but it’s you i can’t live without
whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh

there are things i should not say
but i rarely let that stop me
and there are bets i should not take
but c’mon just try and top me
and there are some rules i won’t break
oh but most of them i do
and there are some thoughts i can shake
but i can’t shake the thought of you

whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh
i can’t shake the thought of you
whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh

there are things i should not smoke
and drinks that i shouldn’t drink
and there are things that are no joke
but they still seem pretty funny to me
and there are places in this world
that i’ll never get to see
but as long as you’re here with me
girl there’s no place i’d rather be

whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh
there’s no place i’d rather be
whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh

there are signs i should obey
and red flags that i should heed
there’s hidden dangers along the way
that i ignore i will concede
that there are dreams i should give up
some things were never meant to be
but in the end if i’m enough
for you girl that’ll be enough for me

whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh
yeah that’ll be enough for me
whoa oh-oh, whoa oh-oh … that’ll be enough for me


May 23, 2011 8 comments

during our conversation, she mentioned that the prime years ended at 34. i disagreed. and i sat down and wrote this.

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Sarah looks me in the eye

Asks me if we’re past our prime

Are we only marking time?

I said I didn’t think so …

Sarah orders one more drink

It’s one too many, you might think

For the middle of the week

But she says we deserve it

Sarah don’t be sad tonight

Everything will be just fine

I promise you that the best is yet to come

Sarah make a wish and throw your penny on in now

I’d give my wish to you

I hope they both come true, Sarah

We stay out ’til 1:30

She talks about her family

She asks me if mine’s as crazy

I say, ‘Hey, isn’t everyone’s?’

When we’re slowly walking back

She’s got my sweatshirt on her back

It’s getting hard now to relax

But I think that I manage it

… (repeat)

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A western mood, a cowboy song

January 9, 2011 4 comments

I saw True Grit recently, which a) I thought was incredible and b) put be in a country western mood. This has nothing to do with the movie, but it’s a western story.

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Maybe Jericho Hill looks like this.


Showdown at Jericho Hill

meet me there tonight on top of Jericho Hill

if we don’t make our stand right now i fear we never will

i got nothin’ left to say

i got blood left to spill

on Jericho Hill

we’ll release the horses, they got no part in this

we’ll clean our six guns well, tie our holsters to our hips

i’ll pull my hat brim low

you’ll shove a smoke between your lips

and then we’ll take the higher ground

plan an ambush from it

darlin’ here we go

i got one in my sights

won’t you cover me while i reload?

we might not see another sunrise

but i’m proud to stand with you if this is our last fight

if this is our last fight

now i’m winged in the left shoulder

and it hurts like bloody hell

i’ve done for half a dozen of ’em but i’m runnin’ out of shells

sheriff hollers ‘give it up young man!’

but we both know damn well that i’d take the final bullet

before he’d see me in a cell

and they got a length of rope for me

yeah they wanna see me hung

for a crime i swear to you that i never done

what’s more i think he knows his deputy’s the guilty one

they had to frame me up

so i had to cut and run

partner here we go

this is our last fight

won’t you cover me while i reload?

we might not see another sunrise

but i’m proud to stand with you if this is our last fight

if this is our last fight

they told me ‘come on outta there – hold your hands way up high!’

as you might expect, i hollered down

‘you’ll never take me back alive!’

i hauled leather, my six gun it hammered at the sky

the sheriff fell down dead

i hit him square between the eyes

darlin’ here we go

this is our last fight

won’t you cover me while i reload?

we might not see another sunrise

but i’m proud to stand with you if this is our last fight

if this is our last fight


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One Cent: I don’t have any sense!

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Toss a penny. Make a wish.

girl i’ve counted two times now

you’ve given me the runaround

you don’t wanna put me down before you pick me up

maybe the third time’s a charm

you know i’d never twist your arm

but i swear on this here guitar that i’m not giving up

what do you think? should i heed your advice

and write you out of my life?

it’s all right …

darlin’ if the world was flat

i’d walk you to the edge and back

throw a penny down and down

to see if it would make sound

i’d watch that penny fall

one cent ain’t worth nothin’ at all

it’s never gonna make us rich

unless you make a wish on it

c’mon now, what do you say?

i won’t keep you out too late

or have i made a big mistake …

mistake in asking you?

girl i think you wanna go

yeah i just got this hunch you know

from up above, down below

so i press on through

should i heed your advice

and write you out of my life?

it’s allright …

Dive In … to the past

August 28, 2010 2 comments

Fearless Freep's stand-in getting ready to take a dive.

This was one of the first songs I ever wrote, Dive Right In, circa 1998. It’s about making music without really knowing how to make music … or play guitar … or arrange a song, etc. The first time I recorded it, I didn’t realize I was swinging the beat in my head – didn’t know what swing time was, in fact. That makes programming drums and software instruments pretty hard. No wonder it never sounded right to me!

I can’t remember if I wrote this song before I started calling my music project Fearless Freep, or after. It was right around the same time. I remember thinking how the lyrics dovetailed with the name, which is an obscure reference to a bugs bunny cartoon. You know the one – Yosemite Sam drafts Bugs at gunpoint into a high-dive act when the real performer, Fearless Freep, fails to show up by curtain time. Hilarity ensures. Of course Bugs gets the upper hand. Later, when I found a band already existed called Fearless Freep, I was devastated for five minutes.

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Dive Right In

But you know I’m gonna dive right in

Cause it’s the best way that I know to begin again

C’mon – it’s easy, believe me, when you dive right in

Right in

There’s no right, and honey there’s no wrong

You can take a left, you take a right, you keep moving on

There’s no wrong turns now

There’s only lessons to learn now

When we dive right in

Right in

C’mon in now, the water’s fine

Forget your towel, you’re gonna drip dry

Sink or swim ’cause there’s no better time than now

C’mon give it a try

And dive right in

Right in

You can live your life by one little rule

You can just dip a toe, you could drown in it too

So c’mon

Do what you will now

But I’ll drink my fill now

I’m gonna dive right in

Right in

Pack my suit I’m leaving tonight

I’m off I’m gonna find out the rest of life

Maybe we’ll meet another time

But now I’m gonna find of a little peace (piece) of (my) mind

But you know I’m gonna dive



now …

Caution Yellow: Out of lemons, rock

August 22, 2010 2 comments

Got stood up for a date recently. It’s ok though; got a nice little rocker of a song out of it. Caution Yellow is below.

Loving my new toy.

In other news I am LOVING my new guitar interface. So much easier to play clean and monitor what I’m playing – now the only sound I hear is post-effects. Before, I was just micing a crappy practice amplifier. Lots of speaker hiss, ambient noise (the dishwasher, air conditioner, etc.), and I could always hear the raw sound sound from the speaker beneath the monitor sound in the headphones. Annoying … but no longer. Now, my only excuse for the guitar not sounding great is that I am not a great guitar player. Working on it.

This is the first song w/ the new setup: interface and Garageband 9 – got a new computer, too. I am discovering a few cool new things in the new version of Garageband. Thank you, Apple, for totally kicking ass!

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Caution Yellow

here I am again, waiting on a girl

and she’s late

Maybe she’s not coming at all

call it flaky, call it fate

but i’d really like …

like the chance …

the chance to read the tattoo that she hides

so i’ll go for broke, hell i’m broken anyway

it’s caution yellow as i accelerate through the light

driving home again

all alone again

she never showed up

any fool could see

anyone but me would give up

but i’d really like …

like the chance …

the chance to read the tattoo that she hides

so i’ll go for broke, hell i’m broken anyway

it’s caution yellow as i accelerate through the light

accelerate through the light

is it green?

is it red?

if it’s yellow, stop ahead …

here i am again waiting on some girl to show up

it don’t look like she’s coming at all

and that’s just pretty fucked up

but i’d really like …

like the chance …

the chance to read the tattoo that she hides

so i’ll go for broke

hell i’m broken anyway

it’s caution yellow as i accelerate through the light

Behind the scenes: Freep Studios Tour

August 15, 2010 1 comment

Hello Freep Nation. I thought it was high time to offer a little behind-the-scenes glimpse at Freep Studios. It will make for a short tour, but if there’s anyone out there wanting to record at home and wondering what it takes to get started with a minimal setup, this post will provide a few insights.

My Strat and my $15 yard sale practice amp - three records worth of fun!

Remember, what your about to see is legendary – some (my mom) might even say hallowed – musical ground. Fearless Freep’s last three records, Fossils, This Island Life, and You’re Still You in Camouflage, were all recorded right here. Don’t touch anything inside, but feel free to take pictures, etc. Everyone have their tickets? Okay. The guided tour will take approximately 10 minutes. Don’t forget to hit the Fearless Freep GIFT SHOP on your way out. Enjoy!

I record in the bedroom of my apartment. It’s a one-bedroom unit, so space is at a premium. Anyone wondering if a den, apartment or dorm room is too small for a minimal recording setup needn’t worry. My setup is the size of a folding card table, literally. It takes up one corner of the room.

Below is the list of items you need to record at home (or at least the list of stuff that I have):

I use a Mac & Garageband. Great for beginners!

COMPUTER: I record on a MacBook Pro using Garageband. I’m pondering an upgrade to Logic, Apple’s pro-grade software with all the bells and whistles – 40 gigs worth of guitar effects, orchestral sounds, etc., plus super cool editing ability. For now however, Garageband is extremely versatile. Especially if you’re a beginner, I’d recommend spending the extra dough on a Mac and using the out-of-box Garageband software. I just upgraded computers and so am using Garageband 9 for the first time. It’s got lots of new features since the last version (or at least the last one I was using). You can jam along with a built-in ‘band’. You can record multiple takes in a single session without stopping and starting (great for soloing). If you’re a real beginner, there are built-in lessons, too. I haven’t checked them out – probably should!

One note: if you’re shopping for a computer and you’re even halfway serious about recording music with it, spend money on memory, i.e. RAM. You want, at the very minimum, 1 gig of it. I have 2, which was all I could afford (with a Mac). Get 4 gigs if you can spring for it.  Recording in real time requires mucho processing power, particularly if you’re stacking up tracks.

AXE: My guitar is a Mexican Fender Stratocaster, roughly 12 years old. The intonation is terrible, especially on the high E. I have to take it in for servicing, but that means being without for a couple days, so I keep putting it off. I have two acoustics as well, but the Strat is my favorite to play. Don’t ask me why – I know it’s a piece of junk, but I like it. Perhaps because I don’t have another electric to compare it to.

The Blue Snowball USB. Looks funny, sounds awesome!

USB MIC: I got the Snowball USB mic two Christmases ago. It was, I can assure you, one of the BEST Christmas gifts I’ve received recently. (Thank you Mom and Dad!) These retail for about $100 and are worth every penny, especially if someone gives it to you as a gift! It’s versatile and wonderfully simple. The signal is already digital, so there’s no need to convert from an analog mic – just plug and play. No software is required. I can’t speak for all programs or platforms, but the Mac recognized it and knew what to do with it upon first plug-in.

I’ve recorded three albums on this mic – both vocals and guitar. For vocals – this is ghetto, I know – I set the Snowball on top of an unused floor lamp. The round mic fits nicely into the hollow cone atop the lamp, and it’s the perfect height. The Snowball is, I should mention, threaded for whatever I assume is the standard setup for a mic-stand fitting. I’m just cheap. Didn’t I promise a minimal setup?

To record guitar, I set the microphone in front of my amplifier and then strum away. (Or, at least, this is what I used to do. More on that later.) The Snowball comes with a small tripod stand about 6 or 8″ high – good height for a small floor amp.

AMP: If you live in an apartment like I do, you have to worry about neighbors. This is especially true if, like me, you are not particularly good. I use a single 8″ practice amp that came from a yard sale. It gets loud enough to potentially annoy the neighbors, but not loud enough to rattle their flatscreen television off from its mounts on the shared wall.

My newest toy - a direct guitar interface. (Not solely for guitar, but that's what I use it for).

INTERFACE: I just got this puppy, and so have not really used it yet beyond a few hours of messing around. I can already tell it’s going to be a huge improvement. The guitar cable plugs directly into it, and it plugs via USB into the computer, eliminating the need to mic the amplifier. That reduces a lot of buzz, and you’re not reliant on the quality of your cheap, garage sale amplifier.

With this unit, I could record guitar and vocal simultaneously – there are two inputs. I say “could” because I don’t have an analog microphone – just the Snowball. But, should I decide to invest in a high-quality mic in the future, I’ll be ready to go. In any case, the other advantage here is that the guitar is not amplified at all; your neighbors, your parents, your roommate, your wife will have nothing at all to complain about. (Well, one less thing anyway).

HEADPHONES: This is essential. Your headphones are your monitor – letting you hear what you’re playing/singing in real time as you record. Mine aren’t studio-quality headphones by any means, but they are nice, noise-cancelling phones and work very well (I don’t use the noise-cancelling feature while recording; they’re just a nice pair of headphones that I happened to own for airline travel). Don’t even try to get by with iPhone earbuds. Not worth it.

So, that’s it. Thanks for peeking into Freep Studios. Now get out, because I have to get some sleep. Wondering what I actually do with all this stuff? Visit the Fearless Freep  GIFT SHOP – there’s even some free stuff in there!

Rock on!


OMFG! Download the new record, FREE

August 11, 2010 3 comments

Hello Freepers! I know you’re Freeping excited about the new record, You’re Still You in Camouflage.

The good news is, you don’t have to wait any longer. Go to my new bandcamp Website and download the entire thing now in the format of your choice! OMFG!!

For future reference, you can always use the FREEP MUSIC DOWNLOADS hyperlink at the right.

For you email subscribers, the website is: You’ll definitely want to bookmark it or add it to your favorites!

From the site, you can stream every song on 2009’s This Island Life and the just-released You’re Still You in Camouflage. There are several free downloads between both records. If you want whole albums, YSYIC is free – at least for right now. This Island Life can be purchased in its entirety for $8. It’s worth it, just ask my Mom!

Rock on!


A Freeway View: What is truth?

July 18, 2010 8 comments


The next record: You're still you in camouflage


Hello Freep Nation. Long time, no post. But fear not – or LESS! The new record is done except for some mixing. More info on that later.

Meantime, below is a new tune called A Freeway View. I’ve found as I’m writing more that things tend to get less autobiographical, or that the autobiographical stuff gets jumbled all up with other material. That’s the case here. I’ve added “true” and “false” statements below so you can see what I mean.

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A Freeway View

I’m pulling full-time duty for a part-time job (false)

My apartment’s a mess (true, but not too bad)

My ma’ raised a slob (not really)

I got an empty fish tank (nope)

And couple guitars, but no food (true on both counts)

And I know the remote’s around here somewhere (i know where it is)

But there’s nothing on the tube (true. tv sucks)

So I don’t effin’ care

I crank the amp (true)

Until the lady upstairs calls the super (false. she’s never complained)

Honey, can we take it slow?

Cause I’m a long, long way from home (true)

And there’s so much I don’t know (true, but i’d never admit it)

Be my family tonight

There’s some Chinese take-out at the back of the fridge (false. there’s some tuna salad and tomato that i gotta throw out though)

I got a view of the freeway and the railroad bridge (false)

If I could make her come back

Just by flicking a switch then I would (false. hehe)

I got a couple good friends, we drink a couple of pints (true. i have great friends!)

Our motto’s ‘Fake it ‘til we make it’ (false. but it’s good motto.)

That’s the secret to life

There’s no rhyme or no reason

No way to ask why

Cause it’s useless

Honey, can we take it slow?

Cause I’m a long, long way from home

And there’s so much I don’t know

Be my family tonight

We can talk in circles

We all got something to prove

We’re all terrible liars

They can see our lips move (i don’t know what any of that means. i stole the main rhyme from a paul westerberg song)

It’s a sign, we can run, but not hide

From our youth

Yeah, what do they say about pride, before the fall?

It doesn’t matter to me (not exactly up on my Bible reading)

Cause I got none at all (false)

I’m go stay out late maybe

Find me a tall brunette (nope, cause it’s a work night)

It’s a Cinderella story, sad but true

You can take it or exchange it

For an IOU

But in the end it don’t matter

Cause you never pay for what you get (just making up rhymes, here)

Honey, let’s just take it slow

Cause I’m a long, long way from home

And there’s so much I don’t know

Be my family tonight

That’s right

Be my family tonight …

Letters: Simplify, Simply, Simplify

June 21, 2010 5 comments


After a few rather complicated (for me) tunes, I decided to do one that I didn’t have to think about and didn’t require a lot of tricky math (going from full speed to 3/4 requires a bit of thinking to program drums, especially if you’re changing time signature as well).

Peace. Bring 'em home.


This song’s simple and steady from beginning to end. It’s steady, but I think it has a nice build throughout. It’s a slow burner – I always like those. I dashed the main structure and lyrics off in a few hours yesterday, and went back today for the finishing touches – drum fills, synths, etc. The solo, too – I wish it were better. If anyone out there wants to guest solo, lemme know! We’ll figure out a way to do it.

One further note, this is the second song of this most recent batch that deals with the war(s) and the hardships caused at home. I don’t want to get political here. Suffice to say, I hope the sacrifices we’re making in Iraq and Afghanistan will in the end be worth it. I have my doubts. Meantime, may everyone over there get home safe and soon.

Here is Letters:

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