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A Few Ideas, Pt. 4: Scrap it, start over

March 28, 2010 1 comment

Sometimes you've got throw something away and start a new draft.


Sometimes, you just have to scrap it and start over.

That’s what I did this morning. I fiddled with the new song in its former version on-and-off all week long and most of Saturday. But it wasn’t going anywhere. In the meantime, I got the idea to rearrange the verse chord progression to make it less monotonous. If you’re going to go that far, you might as well start from scratch.

The demo below isn’t done, but I already like it much it better than any of the previous iterations. I sped it up noticeably and did some drastic rearranging. The old bridge section is gone, replaced with a solo over an extra verse section. The chorus is the same progression as before, but I play each chord for twice as many counts, so it’s stretched out. I like it. It gives it a real power ballad feel!

I came up with a subject matter, too. Finally. The song is definitely going to be about the stupefying of society-at-large by mindless popular culture. I’m not done with words, especially in the chorus. But one line that’s sure to stay (mature language warning!):

Turn on TV and there’s nothing to see but fake tits and ass

Put ‘em on prime time and give ‘em some wine

Watch ‘em fight for cash.

Here it is:

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This took me from 10 a.m. until about 5:30 p.m. today. In addition to finishing the words and vocals, the drums need some work. Some of the guitars will be re-recorded (or maybe just additional guitars added) for a fuller sound, too, I think. And of course there’s more mixing to do. The next upload should be the finished version.

Rock on!


A Few Ideas, Pt. 3: Painfully slow progress

March 22, 2010 4 comments


Get an Apple. Rock out in your bedroom.


Still working on my new little tune. As promised, I’ve been diligent about saving different versions so I track and share my progress. This song has been a little slower in coming that most. Don’t know for sure, but I may be unconsciously trying too hard, knowing that the process is going to be immortalized on the World Wide InterWeb. But who am I kidding? Nobody reads this blog anyway!

Since I last checked in, I’ve started to think more about structure and arrangement – where the verses go, where the chorus goes, the bridge and transitions, etc. I wrote a few different lyrics, mostly to have something to sing at first. I only wrote enough for one verse, which I sing twice; you can tell I didn’t bother memorizing it very well on the second run-through. By the end, and particularly in the bridge section, I am just making up sounds as I go.

(I you missed my previous blog about vowel sounds and nonsense lyrics).

I’ve also started layering and adding flourishes to different sections, building character and distinguishing the different parts. There is still much to add, including a bass part and probably some subtle synths. I usually do those parts last, right before the final mix. After the bridge section will be one more half verse and full chorus. At least, that is the current plan.

If anyone’s curious, there are currently 16 distinct instrument tracks in this version. That will probably grow to 20 or 25 by the time the process is done. They aren’t all playing at once, of course. The fullest section, near the beginning of the second verse, has six or so tracks playing simultaneously, including four guitar parts.

Enjoy the latest version:

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More updates as they happen. Until then, rock on!